Savore Your Tuscan Chef

Your Tuscan Chef

My name is Simone Biancalani, your very own Tuscan chef.

Inspired by my upbringing and love of the simple flavours of my home, Tuscany, Savore is a family run business that provides hands-on cooking lessons and dining experience in Florance, Italy.

My dream with Savore is to bring the flavours of my home and the secrets of my regional cuisine to you in your Tuscan Villa. I wish to share age old traditions that have been passed to me by my family to give you an unforgettable culinary and cultural experience in Tuscany.

For a personalized, hands on experience Savore offers cooking lessons and market tours.

Additionaly, we also provide on-site catering through our Tuscan Feasts and  Delicacy hampers programmes.